I’m just your run of the mill die hard Knicks fan. Unfortunately I missed most of Ewing’s prime being a bandwagon Michael Jordan fan. I was like six years old sue me. Don’t worry though I was punished. I came around just in time to watch epic teams led by Antonio McDyess, Stephon Marbury, Jamal Crawford and last but not least…Eddy Curry.

Due to the horrendous talent put out by the Knicks in the 2000s, I was dedicated to analyzing the NBA salary cap to find feasible ways for the Knicks to improve. Basically the terrible management by Layden and Isiah led me to believe I could do better, and search for ways to do so. After all, what else was there to do but hope for the future?

I got real tired of listening to the talking heads at ESPN and thought it was time to put my own thoughts about the NBA out there. While my content will obviously be written with a Knicks bias, I hope to convey an unbiased view of the rest of the league. Hope you enjoy the decade plus of torment that went into this perspective. It’s a hard knick life.


  1. B. Hairday
    December 6

    Why did you stop writing???? I enjoyed the banter you posted. It was well written.

  2. Mike Amato
    January 5

    You are killing it J-rod, Stick with it.

  3. SummerShandy
    July 9

    Passion of the FREE, home of the Knicks. Love the hot and tasty takes. Keep them coming

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